Nexleen Aloe Vera Facewash with Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E & Salicylic Acid


Nexleen Aloevera Facewash, Reduces Acne and Pimples, Organic Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E keeps Skin Hydrated, 0.5% Salicylic Acid Face Wash for Women and Men, For All Skin Types 


About this item
Pimple Reduction : Aloe Vera Facewash helps in reducing pimples , delivering a smoother and more even-toned complexion, ideal Face Wash for Men and Women looking for a reliable solution to tackle pimples
Acne-Fighting Formula : Aloe Vera Facewash contains Salicylic Acid which targets Acne & Pimples at its root, preventing breakouts and reduces Dark Spots
Organic Face Wash : crafted with Organic Aloe vera, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E this Aloe Vera Face Wash for Men and Women offers a natural and gentle approach to skin providing Hydration and Nourishment
Hydrating : Aloe Vera Facewash for Men and Women contains natural ingredients that not only Controls Oil and Acne but also leaves your skin refreshed and Hydrated
All Skin Types : Aloe Vera Facewash controls excess oil formation, providing a clean and refreshing skin, making it a top choice for both Men and Women


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