Conorvit Tablet


Vit-A 5000 IU,VIT B1-10mg, VIT B2-10mg, VIT B3-50mg, VIT B5-10mg, VIT B6- 2mg, BIOTIN-150mcg, FOLIC ACID 1mg, VIT B12-7.5mcb, VIT C 75mg, VIT D3-400iu, VIT E-15mg, ZINC- 22mg, MAGNESIUM 18mg, MANGANESE-0.9mg, COPPER-0.5mg, SILICA-1mg, IODINE-150mcg, SELENIUM-50mcg, CHROMIUM-25mcg, MOLYBDENUM-25mcg, POLYUNSATURATED-0 g, MONOUNSATURATED- 0 g, SATURATED FATTY ACIDS- 0 g, TRANS FATTY ACIDS 0 g, CHOLESTEROL 0 mg,

Strength: 1×10
Segmentation: Nutritional

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